Dandeli: Ultimate weekend getaway


There’s always a issue when it comes to deciding about weekend getaways. Even though there are many options, but finding one destination that offers both relaxation and adventure in two days is difficult. Dandeli is a place that offers both. It has something for every traveller. Around 150-odd kilometers from Panaji, Goa, it is a most sought after holiday getaway place for all types of travellers, right from those who like their luxuries to backpackers. The place is covered with forests and is ideal to visit any time of the year. Every season is worth experiencing here.


Water Sports

Dandeli is now become famous for its white water rafting

If you love water and don’t mind some adventure then one must try the various water sports activities available at Dandeli. The place is now known for its white water rafting. The almost three-hour ride on the Kali River, covering a stretch of around 12 kilometers, is considered one of the best rafting experiences in the country. It consists of grade 2 and grade 3 rapids, which are ideal for both professionals as well as inexperienced rafters. The experience is open to non-swimmers as well. It is quite safe as one is provided with safety equipment, life jackets, helmets and pedals. Also, the instructors on the raft are well trained and give information related to one’s safety. This rafting is held twice a day – mornings and afternoons. One must check first about availability as the level of the water depends on the opening of the gates of the Supa Dam. Along with rafting, one can also do kayaking, canoeing, etc. The best time for these activities is from October to May.


Bird Watching

Dandeli is also a well known wild life sanctuary. It adjoins the Anshi Tiger Reserve making it ideal for nature lovers. While passing through these forest areas one comes across some wildlife or the other. The place is home to a number of animals like deer, elephants, gaurs, antelopes, bears, black panthers and, of course, the tiger. If you are a serious wildlife enthusiast, you can be also part of the jungle safari and bird watching activities that are held early mornings.

Often these activities are part of the package that resorts offer. You can spot around 200 species of birds here and it is a heaven for bird lovers. Even if you are not a birder, you can easily spot the Malabar Pied Hornbills at any given point. Their peculiar call will grab your attention.

Syntheri Rock


Located few a kilometers away from the main town of Dandeli, this rock is worth seeing. It is 300-ft high and is a monolith granite rock situated on the banks of Kaneri River (a tributary of the Kali River). The bee hives formed on this rock, gives it an interesting dimension. The waterfall and hundreds of honey combs complete the scenic picture. One has to descend a few steps to get this particular view. The descent itself is interesting as all along the staircase you come across different types of rocks with attached information. This should particularly interest students of geology.


  • Majority of the forest resorts are located at Ganeshgudi, which is 20 kilometres from Dandeli. Here you can easily find a resort to suit your budget. Most resorts here offer packages that include food, nature trails, camp fire, coracle rides (early morning), etc. However, these packages can change according from resort to resort.


  • If you are one given to adventure you can opt for a tree house cottage. This will definitely give you a bird’s eye view of the surroundings. And if you want to experience nature a little closer, try the tents which some resorts offer.


  • Stay starts at ` 2000/ ` 3000


All pics by Om Prabhugaonkar

 This article was first published on The Navhind Times Zest BUZZ Weekender on July 11, 2015


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